Gift of Life, Manchurian Tea, Russian Flower

The many names of Kombucha are rooted in Asian and Russian healing traditions. Full of living organisms, kombucha plays a role in strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the circulatory system, and rejuvenating kidney function.

Raw, unpasteurized kombucha has a bounty of probiotics and enzymes: powerful tools that promote a vigorous digestive tract.

Discover Southwest Virginia’s first Kombuchery. Learn how to bring well being into your life with our living, health-giving fermented tea elixir. Ours is made from the freshest spring fed waters from the Blue Ridge Mountains, organic teas, fresh pressed juice from organic fruits, herbs and flowers.

Health is a balance of body, emotions, and mind. Love, peace, gratitude and praise expand life force, creating energy and vitality. 
Reach for, shed light on and reveal YOUR highest potential!


Created by Vic Spies Design Studio

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